Online UFC Betting

UFC Betting

As a rapidly growing sport worldwide, it’s also becoming very popular to bet on UFC fights. There are fights every month, with big names on most cards. The most common way to bet on UFC fights is on the money line, but parlay bets and lots of prop bets can be made as well. UFC money lines vary from book to book, so it’s a good idea to have accounts at several online sportsbooks to find the best odds.

Even though UFC is a very popular spectator sport, it’s still bet on much less than others meaning the oddsmakers lines are not as accurate as NFL, basketball and soccer. This means for someone who follows the sport and knows each fighter well, there can be lots of good betting opportunities, including big underdogs.


How to Bet on UFC Fights

The most popular way to bet on UFC fights is by simply choosing who you think will win the fight (this is also known as betting on the money line). However, a lot of UFC fans also like prop betting and parlays as well. Prop bets are fun, and parlays give handicappers a chance to turn a small bet into a huge profit.

UFC Money Line Bets Online

Money line bets are straight-up bets on who will win the fight. Unless the fight is incredibly close, each fight will have a favorite indicated by a  negative (-) money line, and an underdog indicated by a positive (+) money line. In rare cases when a fight is considered too close to call, it’s possible that both fighters can have a negative money line. Here’s an example of a typical UFC money line:

Anderson Silva: -270 (favorite)

Vitor Belfort: +210 (underdog)

Negative Money Lines

As mentioned above, negative money lines indicate the favored fighter in a match. The number after the ‘-‘ indicates the amount of money needed to wager in order to win $100 in profit. Of course, any amount can be bet, but the money line is based around the $100 figure for simple math purposes.

In the example above, a bet of $270 on Anderson Silva (-270) would be required to win $100 in profit, for a total return of $370.

Positive Money Lines

Positive money lines work exactly the opposite of negative money lines. Instead of representing the amount of money needed to wager to win $100, a positive money line indicates the amount of money that would be won from a $100 wager.

In the scenario above, a bet of $100 on Vitor Belfort (+210) would pay out $210 more in profit, for a total pay out of $310.

anderson silva vs george st pierre

Who would you bet on in what many fans say would be the greatest UFC fight ever?

UFC Prop Bets

Most online sportsbooks that offer UFC betting also offer prop bets. UFC prop bets can be made on what round a particular fighter will win in, how he will win (tapout, knockout etc), if a fight will go the distance, and more. Some betting sites also offer props on Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night. With money line bets on UFC fights, there isn’t always a huge amount of value. However, if you follow MMA closely you can find some excellent odds on prop bets, often more so than can be found on straight up bets.

Since a lot of UFC prop bets are hard to predict, you can find some attractive odds. However, most online sportsbooks take a large vig on UFC props, so be sure to shop around for the best price.

UFC Accumulators / Parlay Bets

To increase your odds and potential profit, parlay betting is a commonly used option. In a UFC parlay bet, bettors choose multiple fighters to win, and add them to one single ticket. In order for the parlay to win, each fighter on the ticket must win. If any of them lose, the entire parlay is lost.

The odds for a UFC parlay are based on the odds of the fighters you have on the ticket. If you have some long shots, obviously the odds will go up. If all of your picks are heavy favorites, the odds will be lower.

Since large parlay bets are difficult to win, we suggest keeping your parlays down to 3-4 fighters per ticket. If you want to add more fighters onto a parlay bet, do it on a second ticket instead. While you wont get the odds you would on one large parlay, you’ll have multiple parlays that could win, plus a better chance to win each one.

Maximum amount of parlays that can be made on UFC bets?

With parlay betting, you are betting on the outcome of multiple fights in a single bet. As you have to pick the winner for each fight, the odds of you successfully picking the correct results after each fight goes down – and the payoff goes up! You have to get every choice you make correct in order to win a parlay bet and get paid. Make one wrong pick, and you loose the whole bet.

To calculate the multiplier for a (true-odds) parlay bet – you simply divide what the total payout would be (risk + win) by the risk amount. The maximum amount of parlays that can be made on UFC bets simply depends on the maximum payout and bet amount of the bookmaker. With for example, the maximum payout is $100,000, bet limits vary ($100 to $2000 – call the book manager for a larger bet limit).

Ultimate Fighting Championship Live Betting

With live betting becoming more popular, more online sportsbooks are offering it now. These are bets that can be placed during a fight, while it’s happening. In UFC fights, since the action is so fast, there aren’t the volume of live bets available like you’ll find in slower sports such as football or baseball. However, there are a variety of bets that can be made between rounds.

These include wagers on specific outcomes like ‘will Cain Velasquez knock out his opponent in the next round’, or ‘will Thiago Alves tap out in the next round’. Decent odds can be found for these types of bets, and live betting adds excitement to any fight you’re watching. We particularly like live betting on matches with less interest such as undercard bouts, because they get us more into the fight.

Ultimate Fighting Championship Mobile Betting

Many online sportsbooks now offer mobile betting from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows based cell phones, as well as for tablets such as the iPad, Nexus and Kindle Fire. This means that you can place a bet from anywhere, even if you’re sitting in the front row of the fight. Some gambling sites have created their own apps you can use for easy betting, while others have simply made mobile friendly versions of their websites. As mobile betting becomes more and more popular, we expect this trend to continue, as more companies start making their sites smartphone and tablet compatible in an attempt to tap into the ever growing market of mobile sports bettors.

Best Online Sportsbooks for UFC Betting

Best Sites for MMA and UFC Betting

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UFC Betting Pool Tips

If you don’t want to bet on UFC fights for real money online, a good alternative is to set up a betting pool with your friends, work colleagues or other associates and form a UFC betting pool. Essentially, you are placing “fake” moneyline bets on fights, and the loser buys a round of drinks or has to buy the group a pizza, or something similar. Of course, you can set up a UFC betting pool with your friends for money, too!

A good resource for betting pool setup is this spreadsheet put together and offered for free by Mike, it makes the entire process very easy.

MMA Betting

Because UFC is the biggest MMA franchise, they get the most coverage by online betting sites. During Strikeforce and Bellator events, some sites will offer odds on the main event and perhaps some other high profile fights on the card. Lesser known fighters and undercards are usually ignored. However, with UFC, odds are provided for most every fight, as well as offering props on most of the fights on the main card. Generally speaking, odds on UFC undercard fights are only available on the fight winner (aka the money line).

For betting on UFC, Bellator, Strike Force and other MMA events and competitions, Intensegambling reccomends none other then Bovada. Operated from San Jose, Costa Rica, they are a fully licensed wagering and entertainment company providing the best in sports, casino, and poker action to thousands of people daily. Founded in 1995, Bovada is the top ranked US facing online gambling brand and a trusted source of betting information by such organizations as CNN, ESPN and USA Today.

UFC girls

The fights aren’t the only thing enjoyed by spectators at the various MMA events around the world!

Best UFC Betting Lines

When betting on popular US sports like football and basketball, you will find odds given in the form of point spreads, -7, +13.5, for example. The point spread is concerned with who wins and by how much. UFC fights have odds in the form of money lines. The money line is solely interested in who wins, nothing else.

For example, in a hypothetical fight between Jon Jones and Newbie Mcfighter, when looking at the fights odds, the bettor will see something like:

“Bones” Jones -130
Mcfighter +120

In this instance, Jones is the favored fighter, as shown by the ‘-‘ (minus) written in front of the 130, while Mcfighter is the underdog, as indicated by the ‘+’ (plus) in front of the 120.

What these numbers mean is that those wishing to bet on the favorite, Jones, will have to risk $130 to win $100, while those wanting to wager on Mcfighter, will have to risk $100 to win $120. Do note that although money lines are expressed in units of $100, you do not have to bet that much money. The money line will work just as easily with a $5 or $20 bet as it will with a $100 bet.

The money line essentially evens the playing field for the sports books, without them, you could repeatedly bet on the favorite and win every time. You can read about moneyline betting in more depth here.