Bodog Bingo Review

For a brand as large as Bodog, it’s perhaps surprising that they have not yet launched a dedicated bingo portal. Maybe the reason for this is that Bodog has traditionally been focused on the US where the demand for bingo has yet to match the demand in Central and Europe and most notably the UK.

With a number of Bodog franchises being sold off around the world though (including one in the United Kingdom), it’s highly possible that a Bodog Bingo client will be launched in the near future. Until then though, bingo players will have to make do with a Bingo Scratchcard game that can be found within Bodog Casino.

The game is rather unoriginally named ‘Bingo Scratch’ and requires players to purchase a number of bingo tickets to play. Each ticket contains 25 different numbers – all between 1 and 75.

Once you have bought your tickets, 15 winning patterns will be displayed in the middle of the screen and it’s up to you to try to replicate those patterns on the bingo card(s) that you have just purchased.

Focus then switches to the ‘Scratch’ element of the game and you will be asked to scratch away the right hand side of the screen to reveal 18 randomly chosen numbers. As each number is displayed any matches that might have been made with the numbers on your card will be automatically checked off.

If the pattern of the check marks matches any of the 15 winning patters you were shown earlier, then you will win a prize based on the game’s pay table.

This is in essence a variation of pattern bingo, and while hardcore 75 Ball and 90 Ball Bingo fans will be disappointed, Bingo Scratch will tick a lot of boxes for bingo fans looking for a quick fix of something slightly different.

The game doesn’t take anywhere near as long as a standard game of bingo, and a useful ‘AutoPlay’ feature ensures that you can actually scratch your way through around 50 cards in the same amount of time that it would take to play a normal game of bingo at a traditional room.

Bodog Casino Bonus

If you don’t currently have an account at Bodog, then you’ll be eligible to take advantage of a very generous 100% match bonus worth up to $1,000.

The final size of your bonus will depend on how active a player you are in your first sixty days on the site. Every 10 loyalty points that you earn, will account for $1 bonus, with all bonus funds being paid in $10 increments.

For more information about Bingo Scratch, or to sign up for your Bodog Bonus, visit the Bodog website now and register for free or visit our Bodog sportsbook review.