How to Choose Online Slots: A Guide for New Players

If you’re new to online gambling, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices that are available to you. There are dozens of different casinos, each of which features hundreds of different games. Blackjack players might be given half a dozen variants to choose from, while video poker players can have 20 or more machines from which to pick.

But nobody has a tougher time picking games than a slots player. A typical online casino will offer players a choice of up to 100 or more different slot machines. While many of them may be similar, each one offers something unique, and it’s not always easy to figure out which ones are right for you.

This guide should give you a few insights on how to pick the right slot machine for you. Be warned – there may be some trial and error involved, and you might have to play a number of different games before you figure out which ones give you the most enjoyment or the best chances of winning. That said, there are plenty of things you can do to cut down on the time it takes to find your perfect slot!

Online Slots Guide Step 1: Know What You Want

Choosing the correct online slots depends a lot on what you want to get out of your time playing. For some players, this will mean having the best possible return on their investment – in that case, the expected return will be the deciding factor. For others, they don’t expect to win (though they’d certainly be happy to win a jackpot), but they would like to play for a long time. Thus, games that are slightly slower paced and have more bonus rounds and the like will probably give them the most enjoyment. Others want slots with as many interactive features as possible; still others want to play wherever the biggest jackpots can be found.

Each of these players is going to want a completely different kind of game, and may even want to play at a completely different casino site! This sounds like a simple thing, but it’s an absolutely critical step if you want to find a game that’s right for you.

Picking a Slot Machine Step 2: Gather Information

This stage will be easier at some online casinos than others, but it’s important. Once you know what you’re looking for, you have to go and find it. Unfortunately, not every casino software group is equally forthcoming with information about their slots, meaning that you’ll sometimes need to dig a little deeper to find what you’re looking for.

One of the easiest bits of information to extract from casinos is the size of their progressive jackpots. This means that jackpot hunters can quickly find the best slots for them, as every online casino is happy to tell you when they have an unusually large jackpot that hasn’t been hit in months.

Some casinos offer much more information on their slots. For instance, some Realtime Gaming casinos have full descriptions of each game in the lobby. You’ll learn if it offers fairly consistent payouts, or if there are more highs and lows while you play. It also lays out a description of the slot machine’s theme, tells you if there are special features, and gives information on what kinds of jackpots are available – including the size of the main jackpot offered.

Another company that offers a unique slots experience is Rival Gaming. They offer what are known as i-Slots, which have unique storytelling features that add a new level of interactivity into the game. With titles like As The Reels Turn and Cosmic Quest, there’s a story – and thus a game – for everyone. These are perfect for anyone who is looking to have a good time first and foremost (and it’s certainly possible to win big by playing them, too).

Many casino companies also have games with unique movie, comic, or television licenses that allow them to have games that feature your favorite characters or stories. If that’s something that will help you have more fun while playing, by all means, seek these games out! They tend to be every bit as fair in their payouts as other games, with a little added fun. Bet365 is a particularly good destination if you’re looking for licensed games, as they have several slots that utilize Marvel comics characters, along with others the are branded with professional athletes, Rocky, and other popular personalities and characters.

Choose a Pokie(slot) Step Three: Try the Games First

This is possibly the most critical step if you want to have a happy slot machine experience – and yet, many players routinely skip it! Almost every online casino offers the chance to try their games for free before you play for real money. If the casino is going to let you have a test drive, why not take it? You can’t win money playing for fun, but you also can’t lose it – and it’ll save you a lot of money if it turns out a game just isn’t enjoyable to you and you tried it in a free play version first.

Don’t just try one game and decide to play it, either. Try a few different games, and maybe even try slots at a couple different casinos. You may ultimately be surprised to see which games appeal most to you, even if you had an idea of what you were looking for in the first place.

Step Four: Know What You Want to Spend

This is a smaller issue, but it could crop up once you find a machine you want to play – especially if hitting a big progressive jackpot is your goal. Simply put, different slots cost different amounts of money to play.

For most slot machines, you’ll be able to choose how much to spend to a pretty high degree. Unlike slots in a land-based casino, where each machine has a given denomination, you can choose your denomination right in the graphical interface, often adjusting your “coin” cost from a penny up to several dollars. Since you can also pick how many lines and coins to play, you’ll often be able to play for any amount of money no matter what machine you choose.

Progressive jackpots, however, work a little differently. Machines that offer progressive jackpots usually have a set denomination, and you’ll need to bet the maximum number of coins in order to be eligible to win the entire jackpot. If you’re looking to spend under $1 a spin, you won’t want to play a progressive machine that requires you to play three $1 coins per spin in order to win the top prize.

Final Thoughts on Picking Slots

We’ve given you a lot of information on how to pick a slot machine, but a lot of it will simply come down to personal preference. If you’re playing a machine and suddenly find you’re having a good time, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it – even if it doesn’t fit into the guidelines you were trying to stick with. The hints we’ve given you are guidelines, not iron-clad rules. Hopefully, they’ll set you on the right track to navigate the thousands of slots available to you. Good luck!