Blockbuster Scratchcard

Blockbusters ScratchcardMinimum Stake: £0.10
Maximum Win: £150,000

So who didn’t grow up wanting to ask Bob for a ‘P‘ then? Well, this instant win Scratchcard finally gives you the chance to do just that. Based on the hit game show, the Blockbuster card allows you to scratch your way across the famous game board and instantly win up to 500x your stake.

How to play Blockbusters Scratch Card Game

There is really nothing difficult to playing the Blockbusters scratchcard.

The first thing you have to do is decide how much you want to play for. You do this by clicking on the plus and minus signs each side of the Stake button and then pressing play. You’ll then need to reveal all nine symbols on the card that you’ve been given to see whether you’ve won a prize.

There are two different ways to display these symbols:

  • For those of you who enjoy a little suspense, you can reveal the symbols one by one, just by clicking on a particular square of the card.
  • For players who are a little more impatient (or who are planning on play more than just one card), there is a ‘Reveal All’ button which will display all the icons instantaneously.

It really doesn’t matter which way you chose to reveal the symbols – which ever option you go for, you need to match up three identical symbols in order to be declared a winner. If you’re successful in doing this, the cash prize will be instantly added to your account.

Prize Money List

As with all scratch card games, the size of your prize depends on how much initially staked. All prizes are described a multiple of the amount you initially played with.

For example, if you won a 5x prize when you initially staked £0.50, you’ll be given £2.50 in prize money.

However, if you hit those same three symbols when you had staked £1.00, your prize would be given £5.00 in prize money.

The Blockbusters Scratchcard pays out as follows:

Symbols Prize (x initial stake)
3 x Blue Segment 1x
3 x White Segments 2x
3 x Hotspot Icon 5x
3 x Board 10x
3 x Greek Icon 15x
3 x Mascots 25x
3 x Presenters 50x
3 x Gold Run 100x
3 x Blockbuster Logo 500x

Payout levels

The Blockbuster Scratchcard pays out 89.21% of the time on average.