Family Fortunes Scratchcard

Family Fortunes scratchcardMinimum Stake: £0.10
Maximum Win: £25,000

We’ve all seen it and no doubt shouted all sorts of answers at the TV screen. But now it’s time to take your part in one of the most popular game shows around and win cash prizes worth up to 500x the size of your initial stake.

How to play the Family Fortunes Scratch Card Game

There’s nothing complicated about the Family Fortunes scratchcard and you don’t need a handful of relatives to be able to win some fantastic prizes.

All you need to do is decide how much you want to stake. This can be as little as £0.10 or as much as £50.00 and it is chosen by clicking on the plus and minus symbols next to the ‘Stake’ button.

Once you’ve decided how much you want to play for, you just need to press the ‘Play Now‘ button and you’re ready for the action to get underway.

As with all scratchcard games, you need to reveal all of the symbols on your card to see whether you have won or not.

There are two different ways to display these symbols:

  • If you’re looking to kill a bit of time, then you can reveal the symbols one at a time, by clicking on any one of the nine squares that take your fancy.
  • If you can’t be bothered to wait that long and just want to see whether you’ve won or not, then you simply need to click the ‘Reveal All’ button towards the bottom of the screen and all nine symbols will be revealed at once.

It makes no difference at all which of these two methods you use to reveal the symbols … all that matters is whether you have been able to match 3 identical symbols. If you have, then you’ll instantly be awarded a cash prize (see below). If not, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to try again.

Prize Money List

The amount of money you win on the Family Fortune scratchcard depends on how much you initially staked. For example, if you manage to match three Question Marks then you’ll be given a prize worth 2x the size of your stake.

Therefore, if you initially wagered £0.50, you’d be awarded £1. However, if you initially bet £5, your prize amount would increase to £10.

With that in mind, the Family Fortunes scratchcard pays out in the following way:

Symbols Prize (x initial stake)
3 x Pound Signs 1x
3 x Question Marks 2x
3 x Family Icon 5x
3 x Orange Stars 10x
3 x Purple Stars 15x
3 x Yellow Stars 25x
3 x Blue Stars 50x
3 x Big Money Icons 100x
3 x Family Fortune Logo 500x

Payout levels

The Family Fortunes Scratchcard pays out 89.21% of the time.