Millionaire Scratchcard

Millionaire ScratchcardMinimum Stake: £0.10
Maximum Win: £1,000,000

Based on the popular game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. With eleven panels (as opposed to the standard nine), an exclusive bonus game and a huge £1,000,000 jackpot, this is a scratchcard with a difference.

How to play the Millionaire Scratchcard

Although the structure of the game is slightly different, the basic mechanics remain the same.

Firstly, players much chose how much they want to wager on a particular scratchcard. This is done by clicking on the plus or minus signs next to the ‘Stake’ button at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re happy with the amount you’re wagering, simply click ‘Play’ and the action will get under way.

Now, there are two ways to play:

  • The standard way of playing requires players to randomly select all nine squares with a symbol being revealed after every click.
  • If you don’t want to be that active with the scratchcard, you can simply select the ‘Reveal All’ button before you select ‘Play’ and all of the symbols will be displayed at once, making for a much quicker game.

Prize Money List

The amount of cash that the Millionaire Scratchcard pays out depends on the size of your initial stake. For example, the ‘Ask the Audience’ symbol pays out 2x the size of the original stake meaning that if your initial bet was £2, then the overall size of your win would be £4.

However if you’d chosen to wager £5, then you’d end up with an overall prize of £10.

The prize list for the Millionaire Scratchcard is as follows

Symbols Prize (x initial stake)
3 x Cheques 1x
3 x Ask the Audience 2x
3 x Timer 3x
3 x Millionaire Symbol 5x
3 x Walk Away symbol 10x
3 x Horizontal Lights 20x
3 x Phone a Friend 40x
3 x Question Mark 160x
3 x 50:50 640x
3 x Pound Symbol 2,500x
3 x Bonus Symbol Bonus Round

The Bonus Game

Those of you who are lucky enough to reveal three ‘Bonus‘ symbol will be instantly transported to the card’s special bonus game.

When this happens you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the traditional Who Wants to be a Millionaire money ladder. You’ll be given three chances to move up to the next level of the ladder by pressing the ‘Hit‘ button when the next level is highlighted.

If you manage to do this, you’ll be awarded a cash prize and then given another three chances to move up to the next rung of the ladder. The super cash prize of £1,000,000 is at the top of the ladder.

You need to be aware though, that players are required to stake a minimum of £1 in order to be in with a chance of winning the million.

Payout levels

The Millionaire Scratchcard pays out 92.26% of the time

Where to play Millionaire Scratchcard

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