Gambling Directory

The websites listed here are hand selected, and are recommended for further reading if you didn’t find what you were looking for here, or just want to extend your knowledge further. This gambling directory is split up into sections for your benefit.

Casino Website Directory

  • Wiz of Odds – This website is run by a gambling legend Michael Shackleford. He is the go to guy when you want to see the math and stats behind casino games. He runs a number of other successful spam free portals and is also something of an industry watchdog, successfully outing numerous online casinos who were rigging their games.
  • Casino Answers – This amazing website is run by my Canadian friend Graeme. He’s been involved in gambling for over 15 years and has created an unbelievable casino website. It has over 1000 pages and features and ton of answers to common casino questions. He has a large amount of slot reviews, but my favourite part of the site is his blog.

Sports Betting Website Directory

  • Sports Betting Online – My buddy runs this site and he is passionate about sports and sports picks. He provides all the latest picks in sports and specials betting markets worldwide and provides a fantastic newsletter for readers.
  • Sports Betting Sites – My good mate and regular contributor to IntenseGambling Jim owns and runs this website about sports betting. While many of the top “industry watchdog” sites get involved in shady advertising deals and unethical behavior, Jim tells things how it is. He is a true player advocate and will never line his own pocket by supporting or promoting a dodgy book. If Jim recommends them, you can be sure they are the best choices out there.

Poker Website Directory

  • – Another friend of mine runs this website and has come up with a great design to make this stand out from the rest of the poker websites on the Internet. He rates and selects the best poker rooms for people to play at.
  • Cardplayer – This is pretty much my favourite online poker magazine who also have a print version. While most news sites and magazines churn out average content, Cardplayer maintains extremely high editorial standards covering everything from live tournament updates right through to strategy and opinion pieces. Add this one to your bookmarks.
  • Diamond Flush Poker is run by an anonymous lady who is without a doubt poker’s leading undercover reporter. She’s done exposés on a number of high profile cases including Howard Lederer’s blatant lies that he told throughout the Lederer Files and 2+2 podcast interviews.
  • 2+2 are without a shadow of a doubt the number one online poker forum. Whether you want to read news and rumours, share an opinion, vent after a bad beat or simply talk strategy with other players, 2+2 has something for everyone. If you only use one poker forum, make sure it is this one.